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Application for Assistance

LIVE-IT is here to help neighboring widows and fatherless children in dire housing situations, that have a lack of resources and/or the technical skills, to make desperately needed repairs on their homes. Qualified individuals own property. In certain situations a complete new build of a home may be required and more cost effective.

Each application for assistance is processed and evaluated to determine if it meets LIVE-IT prerequisites. If it does not meet the LIVE-IT mission requirements, referral to an organization that may be better suited to assist will be made.

LIVE-IT is a non-profit 501(c)3 Faith Based Humanitarian Organization with a primary focus to provide opportunities for community and church to come together to create safer healthier home environments for widows and orphans. To begin the application process, please fill out the questionnaire below.

A copy of mortgage payment, title or deed, current utility bill and proof of income for everyone residing in the home must be provided. Copies of required supporting documentation can be emailed to us. Please include in email the applicant name and contact number.

To Complete an online application for assistance click here .