We Need

Building Hope for the Bryant Family

1500 sq foot 3BR complete remodel
Cost to Rebuild house $89,000
Annual Cost to Maintain $12,000

We have a wonderful family that desperately needs to get out of their temporary housing by May 24th. They lost ALL of their worldly possessions in the firestorms last November. They need everything from towels to couches for their home.  We hoped to get them moved in by May 1st but NEED HELP urgently to complete the project.

This well aged property was donated to LIVE-IT. Due to the location, regulations prohibit us from tearing down the house and starting from scratch. This posed a difficult and costly environment. We however want to do all we can to help the Bryant family that is moving into the house.

  • We need a skilled construction, framing, plumbing, and electrical volunteers
  • We need unskilled volunteers that are able to paint
  • Financial Donations URGENTLY needed
  • The Bryant family needs NEW furniture, beds, utensils, towels, dishwasher, anything and everything that will assist them in making this new house a home.


Ms. Katherine

Urgent Home Repairs 
Cost of Repairs: $ 20,000

Ms. Katherine is a 66 year old widow that was introduced to us by a Case Manager that was concerned with the fact that Ms. Katherine did not have a working toilet.  Ms. Katherine lives alone in her home that has been in the family for decades. At age 64 she was diagnosed with cancer but unfortunately had no insurance to pay for medical expenses. She had hoped that she would get Medicare but a year later was told that she did not pay enough into the system so she was not eligible for Medicare or Social Security income nor would she receive any of her late husband’s benefits. She was a local artist and taught art classes but sadly the contributions she made to our mountain community did not benefit her financially and now she is left without any income while undergoing chemotherapy. She is in very fragile condition physically but her most fervent wish is not to be a burden on anyone.

Upon visiting Ms. Katherine we discovered that not only did she not have a working toilet, but we also found that it had not been working for the past year nor had any of the plumbing throughout the entire house. Let the indignation of her living conditions sink in completely. She had absolutely no water in her house.

Her needs are many but her desire to minimize her burden on others is even greater. We quickly repaired her plumbing and toilet issues but there are many more needs that have been discovered.

Ms. Katherine needs:

  • Volunteers: Skilled and Unskilled
  • Roof repair or possibly replaced
  • Screens replaced
  • Broken windows replaced
  • Stove repaired
  • Overgrown landscaping addressed
  • Cabin wood repairs and treatment
  • Transportation