Ambassador Program

Community Church Ambassador Program

Welcome to the first step. You have expressed an interest in potentially becoming a Community Church Ambassador. To begin the process we need you to fill out a contact form.


What is the Ambassadorship program all about?

There are many hurting souls in our community. There are individuals that have had tragedies, have financial deficiencies that cause them to live in dangerous circumstances, or are simply hurting and alone that need our love. The mission field for being the hands of feet of Christ need not require a flight to a different neighborhood somewhere else in the world when we can start by being His warm embrace for our neighbors that live within just a short drive.

LIVE-IT is partnering with local churches to match local needs with a nearby community church. As an Ambassador of a partner church you will actively participate in evaluating and serving the needs of neighbors within your church community’s neighborhood.


How do you become an Ambassador?

Ambassadors are volunteers that feel called to outreach. Through the process of service, Ambassadors will show Christ’s love to those in need. Ambassadors also help find volunteers within their church body. Ambassadors must be comfortable leading prayers, have a humble servant’s heart, care without condemnation and spiritual maturity.

An Ambassador represents the church they are a member of and go out with LIVE-IT to evaluate or meet service needs that are within close proximity to your church.

LIVE-IT will train Ambassadors to do the following:

  • Ambassadors are responsible for assisting in evaluation visits with a LIVE-IT Outreach Coordinator
  • Building relationships with the individuals that have needs
  • Coordination of volunteers within their church

The training process is detailed and will provide the Ambassador practical skills that will empower each Ambassador to confidently represent their church in outreach missions.

Thank you and we look forward to working with you in the neighborhood!